Artist & Craftsman



I have been commissioned to make unique works on paper, Vessels and furniture for UK and international clients. If you have an idea that you would like to have realised get in touch on the contact page.

Memory Vessel

Small scale video installation, Oak, American Walnut and glass optic. Digitised 8mm looping film lasts just under an hour.

Beaming in from the past with a flick of a switch. These are some of a family’s memories. 

Wedding Anniversary, 13 Years

Celebrating 13 years together. An anniversary gift. For this commission i was given 20 or so photographic prints of the lovely couple and asked to produce a layered image.

These are their memories always evolving.

Velvet c-type photographic print mounted and hand framed in Oak. 43 x 43cm.

Sea Chest

Cedar of Lebanon and Bog Oak.

I have never made a piece of furniture before, so it was a real honour and joy (admittedly a terrifying prospect) to have been approached with the commission. The brief was to create a trunk for a young boy that would stay with him on his journey through life whilst creating its own history and memories along the way.

Inspired by the old seafarers campaign chests

As the boy is British-Lebanese it was decided to use Cedar of Lebanon and Bog Oak from the Fenlands of England producing a beautiful contrast to the chest.

ZO Concept Vessel

A concept vessel made from Oak and American Walnut, houses a looping showreel for ZO Productions film house, viewed through rectangular double optic.

The first Vessel to contain sound.

Wedding Anniversary, 14 Years

Celebrating 14 years together. From each year, one photograph together. This commission travelled 3,436 miles. Framed by the collector.

These are their memories always evolving.

Velvet c-type photographic print mounted. 45 x 45cm.

Vessel No. 1 • New York City Snowscape

Cedar wood, circular optic, housing a silent 58 minute looping film of a snowstorm in New York.

The brief for the commission was very open with no emphasis on medium • Capture the essence of the view from their rooftop which had been a sanctuary and the centre of many memories whilst they lived in New York City.