Born in Sharjah, U.A.E, 1982, to British and Lebanese parents. Working and living in London since 1985.

After completing my foundation studies at Chelsea i was approached by Saint Martins with an unconditional offer to join their BA course in Fine Art Painting. By the end of the second year i had come to the conclusion that the course was not right for me, so made the decision to leave and apply to the LCP on a year intensive photographic course, Professional Photography Practice. Since leaving the London Institute i have been working as a portrait photographer and visual artist.

the work

My practice is continuously evolving with a desire to use memory and time to create intimate emotive works. The embryonic idea of the Vessels was born during my time at Saint Martins, with the first one actually being made 14 years later. At that time in Saint Martins I wanted to somehow make moving image more tangible, more intimate and create a unique personal experience for the viewer. The idea has been nurtured over the years, teaching myself various skills along the way. The series is constantly growing through my own interests along with the challenges and ideas brought through commissions.

In 2007 i began developing processes involving the layering of photographic images using digital & traditional techniques. Since 2013 my main source of inspiration has come from discarded photo albums of families, communities, individuals and couples purchased from around the world. The process has involved digitally scanning the photographs from a single related series which are subsequently superimposed, then printed as photographic C-Types, Giclée prints and hand pulled intaglio photopolymer prints.



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